US Masters 2018 ⛳

It’s Masters week, baby, and it should be a cracker. Literally EVERYONE is in form, and even Tiger is back and almost heading up the betting. I’ve watched a fair bit of golf in the last couple of months, and whatever you think of Tiger, any tournament he is in (and competing in) is instantly twice as exciting. The crowds go crazy, other golfers up their game or get all jittery, it’s just better.

Having said that, he really won’t win. He’s driving as far as ever, but in an unpredictable 90 degree arc from the tee. He’s hanging in with his short game and holing outrageous putts, but that’s not a consistent formula.

Last year was great, with Garcia and Rose battling it out, don’t see Garcia repeating it myself but Rose is very consistently up there.

My bets:
Justin Thomas @ 11/1. I will quite literally eat my green jacket if he’s not in the mix on Sunday night. Contends every week, iron nerves, drives far, puts beautifully.
Phil Mickelson @ 16/1. Secretly playing as well as he ever has. Great record at Augusta obviously, and you’ll never have to guess how he’s doing as he’ll be on the telly on the rare occasions Tiger isn’t.
Matsuyama @ 30/1. Good at Augusta, due a major.
Outsider: Tony Finau @ dunno, quite large odds. Hits it miles and miles. Decent form. Won’t win, but reasonable e/w I reckon.

It was snowing here 2 days ago, I’m about ready for some sunshine and rhododendrons.

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reckon bubba might do it again.

Be careful I’ve thought this for the last 3 years and have wasted a lot of money on it.

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I have no qualms with Tiger being back at Augusta, it’s a great thing to see, but man alive why is there this belief that he can win the thing again? Top 10 finish… maybe? But winning it? You must be fucking kidding.

Golf’s probably at its most exciting ever now if you ask me. The standard in the top 20 in the world is unbelievable.



The OP opening paragraph about Tiger is spot on. The excitement he generates in the game is incredible. When he was 2nd a few weeks ago the golf TV viewing figures were at their highest since something like 2012 (apart from The Masters).
Having said that, the endless analysis of his swing will be awful to watch.

How’s Stenson playing? Heard he’s sitting at around 35/1.

I’m putting money on Rickie Fowler as per because I just love the boy.

As always, fuck Spieth. BORING.

Looking forward to seeing the outfits. I’ve been loving Rory’s nike stuff lately and he’s got such a good bum.

That is all for now.


Masters record, nostalgia, bookies knowing what they can get away with. Not necessarily in that order. He ought to be about 40/1 realistically, but why offer that when people will still pile on at 12s or whatever?

Agree completely with your second paragraph, so many exciting players around performing consistently.

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All very true. I definitely get Masters nostalgia about Tiger. Whether he won it or not him being in the mixer on the final day from 1997-2006 or something was always a joy.

Whoever slips the Green Jacket on next week - it’s always going to be in part Tiger’s victory because he’s the single greatest reason why golf’s so good these days. That’s good enough for us all.

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There’s something aesthetically pleasing about The Masters, even if you’re not a golf fan

Considering how dominant Tiger Woods was in the 2000s, it makes Nicklaus’ record of 18 Majors (which Woods is still four short of) seem even more amazing, though I know strength in depth in golf has probably changed a lot since the 60s/70s

Let’s all remember the greatest hole in one ever from two years ago, which was nearly two in one.


Especially considering he won his last Masters at 46! Incredible at the time. Golf technology has moved on loads since then and enables older players to still get competitive yardage off the tee - wasn’t the case in 1986.

Key difference between Woods and Nicklaus I think is that Nicklaus was never loved by the gallery on account of him being a dry, steady, winning machine. Same reason why there’s a question mark over Spieth but you’d think his winning of the Open last year would shut that argument down but no… Sport is a cruel business.

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I guess so, Faldo never got the praise he deserved in the UK simply because he was a grumpy git.

People don’t seem to have ever entirely warmed to McIlroy either (and it’s not just because of him dumping Caroline Wozniacki by text or whatever)

I haven’t either you know, and I’m not entirely sure why. Can’t put my finger on it. I mean I like him, just not as much as I should like him if that makes sense.

i really like rory & spieth, fwiw, but then again one of the reasons i like golf so much is probably that i generally like most of the people in contention these days so i’m always just happy to see some good competition rather than rooting for anyone in particular.

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this is all classic meow. :grinning::+1:

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as mentioned above i’m delighted that tiger is back and playing good golf, can he win the masters, of course he can but i don’t think he will.
Loads of players could win it and loads are in form, should be an exciting tournament.

Justin Thomas has been in great form, as has Rose who was so close last year. Bubba playing well, as is casey…:thinking:

Can’t pick it right now, but how about tommy fleettwood for an outside bet, has the game and has been playinh some great stuff the last year or so.

Fuck it, between Justin thomas, Rose and Rory for me.

Faldo is an absolute fud.

Seen this yet?


Yeah, but he’s an absolute fud with six Majors

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