US Midterm elections thread


found out about it through this site - maybe even on your recommendation! absolutely love jack and miles, sort of wish jamie loftus was the 3rd guest every day though tbh, it’s always the best when she’s on it. dropped off the past couple of weeks but generally listen pretty much daily.


Today’s “get this guy on DiS, it will be hilarious” nomination iiiiiiissssss…


Christ. He’s been on dozens of ballots for 40 years and until now his votes were barely in four figures, have tens of thousands of neo Nazis suddenly moved to Chicago? :nauseated_face:


It was pure opportunism that got him on the ballot as the only republican in a pretty big race. A significant number of people who voted had to have known who he was. Tbf to him, he’s just an open bigot rather than a respectable one. I doubt his views are a million miles off whoever the republicans wanted as a belated write in


Dems now inching ahead in the Arizona senate race.


How are they still counting all these votes FFS? I had to check several sites just to make sure my Internet was actually loading current data.


republicans’ idea of democracy is like nicky gambling in “casino” innit. “he had a system, it wasn’t very scientific. when he won, he collected. when he lost, he told the bookies to go fuck themselves,”


This should give you some idea why.


Fucking hell


This is just utter rot from start to finish:

Candidates and activists on the left are the ones pushing for reform - it goes hand in hand with being progressive.



FFS, I’m going in.

:pensive: :smiley:


Heh. They need someone from Sunderland to go over and whip 'em into shape.

Trump 2018 - Road to Midterms/Nuclear War

Oh I guess you won’t be interested in the link she posted at the end of it all collected into a blog post?

(God I hate Medium though. Just seems to be rapidly becoming the home of smug fucks who are convinced they are telling truths the ‘Mainstream Media’ won’t touch.)


Aye, I saw it. :confounded:

Haven’t had much of a poke around on Medium. Have ended up there for a few standalone interesting posts, but the people who’ve posted them seemingly haven’t had anything else of interest to say. 🤷


Maine senator Bruce Poliquin is suing the attorney general because he’s going to lose his seat, because of rank choice voting.

This annoys me. Politicians are meant to serve their constituents. The constituents want someone else to represent them. You have to accept that and go and get a job at an investment bank. Politics shouldn’t be a career. It should be something you do because you believe you can affect positive change. If yr constituents no longer think yr doing a good job, you cop to it and move on, or do some grass roots shit.

Probably should go into the rise of fascism thread too.