US politics thread: The crowning of Supernintendo Biden

ooft that’s some stretching

the way that news guy speaks is just like trump. like he’s doing an impression “i love that dawwwg”


Every time I have to see Lindsey Graham I can’t see anything but Martin from the Simpsons



Thought that too, not heard enough of the guy (thankfully) to know if that’s how he normally speaks, but really sounds like a conscious imitation.

Enjoyed this episode about the intersection of Terrence McKenna philosophy and Qbrain. Strange how close those two things really are.

my manager linked me to a novara podcast about the cosmic right which might cover some of the same things

:alien: If the truth can be told so as to be understood it will be believed…

brb, gonna listen to this one last time before its ruined phorever



from Trump’s term but I often think of it. very Day Today

White supremacy at work here

Cpac stage is an actual nazi symbol as well.

just saw someone say on Twitter that AOC has sold out

has AOC sold out?

Jorge Ventura is a journalist working for The Daily Caller, a right-wing news website founded by Carlson Tucker and Neil Patel.

The Daily Caller has published a number of articles written by white supremacists.

Thanks. I wasn’t following him on Twitter, just linked from another account.


Well that happens pretty much every week when the Twitter commenteriat expect absolute perfection from her 25/7

ah, okay

I don’t really bother with Twitter, I’ve just been using it to distract myself in the past week

It’s complicated but essentially she isn’t doing everything she could be to fight for the 15 dollar minimum wage, which the usual slimeballs have made a sticking point in the Covid relief bill.

yeah, this is the sort of thing I was thinking it was, from Tweets here and there. didn’t understand exactly what it was, but this ^ makes it quite clear.

I mean… idk what to make of this. my instinct says that it fucking sucks.

it doesn’t automatically make me write off AOC as if she has crossed some magic threshold to becoming Just Another Part Of The System or something, but I do feel the pull of that, from how often the world and the people within it disappoint.

I’m open to explanations, but… it’s not good, right?

Isn’t this just that if it’s taken out by the person advising the senate on what is lawful there’s no point not voting it through but if the dem legislators take it out before the senate vote she will vote against it as it could still go through?