US politics thread: The crowning of Supernintendo Biden

I agree with that but it’s not all that’s been said is it

manageable physical incapacity and obesity isn’t anything to do with that and didn’t need bringing up


I can’t quite believe Ted Cruz is a real person. How do you put up something like this and mean it seriously?

Can’t be alone in expecting the flag to chat back to him or something.

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Can’t believe the video cuts out before he puts his dick in the flag.


the grammar alone is a crime

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If they put the Zodiac killer away on this it’ll be worse than Al Capone


It’s gonna be so dope when he makes his pro-Sinn Fein speech before the next assembly election

The part that is missing from this clip is the question that was asked: “US intelligence says that Russia tried to interfere in the last two presidential elections. Putin in his press conference just now accepted no responsibility for any misbehaviour. Your predecessor opted not to demand that Russia stop these disruptions. So what is something concrete that you achieved today to prevent that from happening again?”

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This is breathtakingly terrible brainworms stuff eh?

Hilarious that after EVERYTHING that has gone before the senator still seems to actually believe that centrist bipartisan notion that Republicans are just reasonable people who will respect unwritten notions of fair play or something.

Also obviously just fucking ridiculous to act like that’s not literally the point of electing a government.


It looks like Eric Adams, a former police captain who represents the moderate wing of the party, will win the Democratic primary. The Republican primary has been won by Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels civilian patrol group.

New York’s election for mayor will take place in November. The Democrat candidate is almost certain to win, succeeding the current incumbent, Bill de Blasio, who is term-limited.

Seems an interesting bloke

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The main thing I took away from CTH’s recent discussion of the race was that when asked his favourite concert, he said, very specifically, that it was the Curtis Mayfield show where he was paralysed by a collapsing lighting rig.

As well as some bizarre quote about being Icarus, and pretending his son’s house was his. Comes across as weird as Lori Lightfoot, worryingly.

I just looked up that gig and on Wikipedia it said it happened as Mayfield was being introduced?

Maybe it was some kind of all dayer with different acts on before?


It happened during a one day outdoor festival organised by State Senator Martin Markowitz for local Brooklyn residents. He’d booked an outdoor show with Curtis Mayfield as headliner. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were the act immediately before Mayfield took the stage.

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I’d like to imagine Adams showed up just as the rig came down regardless.

He also said that he was going to buy some land in the Golan Heights and retire there as he loved Israel so much.

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“I’d never been backstage before, and they let me help out!”

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