US politics thread: The crowning of Supernintendo Biden

Vote blue no matter who :wink:

(mostly joking I realize this isn’t exactly down to Biden)

I feel like I need to check out of politics for my own self for a while.

I live in Florida and my governor is a piece of shit.
it’s just hit after hit.

Protest bill basically meaning you can run crowds of people over with your car if you feel “threatened” by people protesting.

Trans bill banning trans children from sports and basically saying if you “suspect” a child they can have their genitalia checked.

Mandatory “moment of silence” in schools. Which is pray to god without me telling you to pray to god.

All students and staff at colleges in Florida will now have to report their political ideologies, so he can basically say if you don’t have whatever number is acceptable to them in Republicans, well we aren’t going to find you anymore!

and that’s just some highlights from the past couple of months… so sick of this shit.


Sorry that wasn’t meant to be a reply to anyone. Just venting here.


Wtf? Do you have a link to anything on this, would be fascinated to read about it

It’s awful what’s happening over there, I’m so sorry.



Mr. Biden emphasized that state and local officials in areas experiencing surges in gun violence can use $350 billion in Covid-19 relief funding to hire more law-enforcement personnel, even if it raises the total number beyond its pre-pandemic level.

The Democrats not interested in police reform? Who could have foreseen this?!


Is there an argument that police reform is better handled by winning DA races and setting local objectives rather than making it a national issue where it’s such an asset to the Republicans?

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hahaha, we won’t be stupid and suggest that injecting bleach cures covid, don’t you worry

[* time passes *]

so lads, more guns, get the guns out there, all of the guns, line up the guns, can’t wait to gun down some covid

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Donald Rumsfeld has died, looking forward to plenty of ‘so much for the tolerant left’ from centrist/right wing Twitter

He won’t be missed



Genuinely don’t even feel sorry for the family

If he was my dad or something I would have disowned him and agreed he deserved to die alone in a prison cell


Seems like a lot of the old guard of the American right wing have been dying off recently. Sons of the US empire at its peak, the people who to a large extent are the architects of the reality we live in today. Probably a good article to be written about the world they dreamed of creating and the one that exists today, particularly in regard to how the rubes and frothing maniacs they viewed as easily controllable assets now run the show.

For now though I’d only like to say Rumsfeld is the type of man that makes me hope that some form of the Christian concept of hell exists, because there’s nowhere he deserves to be more right now.


I read a quote the other day that was something like: “Thatcher wanted to create a world run by people like her father. Instead she created one run by people like her son.”

And I think that applies to a lot of those men who were the tyros in the Nixon years, running the show in the Reagan years, and given a final chance at a legacy in the Bush years. They’ve created a world for their feckless failsons.

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hahahahaha, get fucked!

Saw a spate of mentions of him on the timeline, was glad to see it was because he died rather than announced a new think tank or something.

Although it reminds me that Kissinger is somehow still clinging to this mortal realm.