US politics thread: The crowning of Supernintendo Biden


He’s finally being presidential.


He’s taken that line from Charlie

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That child tax credit thing seems good


The Bruenigs covered it in their podcast. Seems like it’s a step in the right direction, rather than bad, but operates on flawed logic on a number of levels.

How so? I’ve not looked into this particular policy in detail, but I know that there are multiple studies that show that giving money to people living in poverty unconditionally and without means testing is a very efficient way of helping them.

I don’t think that part was quibbled with. Think there was something to do with allocation of money to certain older age groups leaving pre-schoolers out of the thinking to some extent.

Quality analysis, there.

Also, tax credits - stop taking money off poor people, only to then give (some of) it back to them (for specific things).

Not sure of that was a central part of the discussion, but it’s my instinct.

The aim of the child tax credit program is to lift millions of children out of poverty, which could translate into major improvements in child nutrition, education and mental health. The US administration has said that the plan will result in child poverty falling by as much as 50%. Roughly 88% of all US children will receive the aid: $300 per child under age 6, $250 per child six or older. The annual cost of the program is $120 billion per year.

People have been critical of the program regarding some issues:

  • the current budget has only been approved until December, leaving its long-term fate uncertain

  • many families, often the very poorest, have never filed tax returns, which means the IRS will have trouble finding them to send them the payments

  • the IRS claims website is difficult to navigate

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For this scheme any family can qualify, even if they aren’t working, have no earned income, or are not paying income tax. You can qualify if you’re homeless. The only people who are not eligible for the full amount are couples earning over $150,000 and single parent households earning over $112,500 (ie. rich people).

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Another reason Seattle > Chicago, these election guides are genuinely amazing.

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Just a shame they were printed sideways


Bernie has done an excellent job of pushing this guy to the left. The assault on Cuba continues.

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Bernies responsibility how?

We were told that Joe Biden could be pushed to the left and that Bernie’s appointment was a clear indication of this change in thinking on the part of Bidencrats.

Edit: I am using Bernie as a stand-in for the electoral left and what it said it could achieve.


Wow, what do you call that?

The Democrats!


I hope to be as free as Matt Gaetz one day

Also just remembered this classic

Looks pretty free for a sex trafficking pedophile