US politics thread: Will he wriggle out of this juice?

Very cool how cops and their lunatic cop mayor are beginning to manufacture a narrative that the most effective way to protect yourself from a deadly, disabling virus is a sign of criminality.



Very cool how Very Online factions of the US are still covid culture war-ing in 2023 long after everyone else has moved on

I’m sure Hoogy will tell me I’m pushing Republican propaganda, but this non answer is a work of circumlocutory art

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The hand gestures are the icing on the cake in this response…

The Kamala presidency is going to be so funny. Particularly as she’ll be the last Democrat president ever.

She won’t ever be President, will likely be Biden until 2028, then DeSantis stuffing Harris or Buttgieg and then some other shit in the future, the usual US politics really.

Have You Ever Had A Dream Wtf GIF


Perpetually confused over what harm, in any way, has been mitigated by these bozos. And yet I am “enabling the GOP” for pointing this out.

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The threat of actually getting arrested has turned this man into a Maoist.

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Assumed this was deepfaked at first but no one would intentionally make his skin that hue except him.

I can imagine this would be quite a compelling pitch for a lot of people. His stance on Ukraine will set him apart at least.

Wonder if the fact he failed to “drain the swamp” last time will hinder him, but I guess a decent proportion of his base have selective object permanence.

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Putin would probably own Ukraine by now… see below (below your post, not mine - sorry)

Other than that the difference isn’t 100% clear, is it? Less vitriolic rhetoric about minorities, but with very little actual action to help anyone, whilst red states systematically dismantle rights and history itself.

I think it’s very compelling. He’s tapping into a lot of grievances and honestly real problems and directing them towards an inner enemy that syncs with the all-out culture war the right wing media has been fighting.

The first half of it could be a leftist talking. It’s a legitimately astonishing speech to hear any American politician give honestly


Not sure a leftist would set the dogs off with “turning America into a third world country”

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I have definitely heard non-right wingers describe America as a third world country. For what reason and who the culprits are are significantly different, sure.

Chatgpt prompt: Trump makes leftist speech


Also his posts, he seems to think he’ll be arrested on Tuesday? Also calling (again) for unrest which is undoubtedly an offense in and of itself again. Real dig up stupid stuff.


mmm, stollen