US politics thread: Will he wriggle out of this juice?

Oh jeez, I’ve never seen that “ReTruth” bit instead of retweet before!


Does anyone have a take on why they keep confirming things they had previously said were conspiracy theory? We had the Saudi-9/11 thing, JFK edging, confirming role of FBI in January 6th, the Nordstream semi-confession, now I see they have confirmed October Surprise too? What is the reasoning behind this?

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Limited hangout.

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He did want to launch missile attacks against Mexico but yeah sure.

Even by previous standards he’s going full on authoritarian. If he does get back in that will be the end of democracy.

Love how much that reads and is formatted like the intro screen to a post-apocalyptic Amiga game.


He definetly ripped that first post from a Godspeed you black emperor sleeve

Cool that he took his new profile pic from a Frank Miller Daredevil story

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Did these things all definitely happen?


I googled to be sure and the assassination of JFK, 9/11 and so on definitely happened.

You could have just shared a link, not really sure why you’ve (eventually) landed on snark as a response.

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I did/ do not understand the question, I find it difficult to settle on replies that do not sound sarcastic or rude due to my annoying personality, hence the numerous edits, apologies. Do they mean did the conspiracies happen? Or did those events happen? I genuinely did not know.

Edited everything don’t want 2 sound like a conspiracy person.

is this a typo or was there a conspiracy about JFK edging lol?


Think they meant how more and more info keeps coming to light without it ever reaching a satisfactory conclusion


I think it was a straightforward question that you’ve possibly misunderstood? I’ve not heard anything about any of those things recently apart from the Nordstream one, personally.

Like, I thought it was just asking for links, because what you said seemed to assume everyone was familiar with it, when that’s not the case. Everybody does that sometimes.

Just to confirm andi don’t want to seem a prick but there has absolutely not been any watertight confirmation on JFK either way.
There’s been a lot of maybes

So did he or did he not enjoying edging? Need a definitive answer pls




Updates spreadsheet


Nah, reckon Jack was a straight to point, in and out in 30 seconds kind of man. Why waste time edging when he could bang three different women in the same amount of time.

I’ll inform the mob