USB Charging Points (or 'The throwing Theo a bone thread')


Hey guys (@1101010 ), this is a thread about how they’re putting USB charging points on stuff like plug sockets, planes and now buses.

What are your thoughts and what will this mean when USB is inevitably replaced as the charging method of choice for the majority of phones etc?


Frankly, the thought of a litany of unused, decaying USB charging points terrifies me. Looks like another night of nightmares again for me. Thanks, @Antpocalypsenow :scream:


@AphexTwinkletoes Twinks, I love your profile pic.


Well the bit that doesn’t go into the device is always a USB plug, isn’t it? Not sure what you mean.


Don’t pull that shit with me Theo. You know full well that a number of devices are using USB C these days. Fucking hell, I try and make an enjoyable thread for you and this is how you repay me?


The TV’s mum made our wedding cake and had me climbing up to the bride :heart_eyes:
Actually made me tear up when I first saw it at the venue.


Like my phone that has you mean and the cable is only C on the end that goes into the phone?


How the hell am I supposed to know what phone you have?


Too late, wireless charging is the future


they’ll just invent an adapter that goes from USB to whatever