Use your illusion (part 1)



A friend used to always argue that ash’s 1977 album cover was green, I was adamant that it was black and white (we had a physical copy in front of us). Google searching now doesn’t help much because I can see both.

What colour do you think it was?


Very pale green.


black and white with a greenish tint


Isn’t it green and yellowish?


update: NO IT’S GREEN and black


white and gold


yellow?!?!?! and there was me thinking that this would be a zero reply thread!!


Dunno what I was thinking of. Maybe Free All Angels?


green, white and gold or something


I think that was the one a friend turned up with a copy of that under his armed and I asked him “oh no, what happened?” It was probably fine really.



does seem to vary a bit on google images

mine was like the first result


Imagine if ash just had one album and it had the following:

Projects, Lose Control, Goldfinger, UNCLE PAT, Petrol, Clones, Girl from Mars (because you have to), Kung Fu (again, have to), Angel Interceptor, Season, Wildsurf, Jack Names the Planets

That’s probably it, they’d have saved themselves a lot of trouble.


I like you, but this is nonsense


Yeah this is incredible

I would totally have told you it was black and white without looking it up, though.


urban fox might be a bit miffed at being ripped off with a picture


There’d have been no confusion over the album cover for that one either:


I wonder if those green ones were actual releases, or if someone is just yanking our cranks.




maybe it’s a vinyl edition and the green tint is just a lot warmer