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The soaring rise in the popularity of music has spurred various kinds of music applications to enter the competition. With abundant competitive services available, it can be tricky to decide which one to pick. This article selects two well-received applications, TubePlay and Snaptube, to make a comparison from several aspects and find out which is more suitable for you.


Similarly, TubePlay and Snaptube both allow you to enjoy all kinds of music worldwide for free. You can get access to huge music libraries to listen to whenever and wherever you fancy at no cost.

In addition to a free version, Snaptube offers a VIP version for $1.99 to unlock more powerful new features, while TubePlay are totally free. Services offered by the free version of Tubeplay are nearly the same as those offered by the paid version of Snaptube. By this point, Tubeplay is better.

Design and user interface

A reasonable design and user-friendly interface are big appeals to music lovers, right? So we’ll compare the design and interface of the the two applications mentioned and we think we prefer TubePlay.

When you open TubePlay application, a light, fresh and clean design jumps into your eyes and you’ll be impressed by its well organized interface. With the clear and simple navigation bar and reasonable layout, it’s easy to operate. The sections of Liked, Playlist, Download and Artists are right on the center of the home page, which is Quite convenient and user-friendly.

Although Snaptube features a design akin to the style of the TubePlay, it mixes a great number of videos on a section called Popular, without a unambiguous and specific division. That looks like a little cluttered and confuses users to select immediately what they want to play.

Source and content

One of the big differences between the two services we’re comparing here is the Source and content, and in our opinion, each has its own merits and demerits.

With a variety of video sources, such as Youtube, Facebook, instagram and so on, Snaptube offers all sorts of videos about different fields far more than music. It is a real virtue for those who want to roam widely, not least in music.

For a music nerd who pays all his attention and attaches great important to the music experience, Tubeplay might be more suitable. It is specialized in music, featuring a specific and detailed music classification, and you can choose the music catering to your taste promptly.

Offline listening downloads

Every music lover always wants to listen music whenever and wherever, thus offline listening downloads is essential.

Helpfully, Tubeplay and Snaptube both have offline listening options. Both two applications allow you to download music as MP3 file without limit and listen offline in different quality which is based on your own choice.

It’s a pity that when you download music videos in Tubeplay, you can only get Mp3 files. However, if you choose Snaptube, MP4 videos are available in multiple resolutions: from the small size of 144 pixels or the high-definition of 720 pixels.

Music discovery

Another thing to take into account is discovery features. Music lovers are always looking for something new to listen to, and Tubeplay offers a better recommendation for its users.

Tubeplay has a useful feature called discovery, a section providing various and specific subjects and playlist for you to meet your different needs.

Though Snaptube has features called popular and category, when you check further, you’ll find the videos with different themes are mixed, instead of classified into different parts for users

Other features

Tubeplay adds themed radio channels to its Music services, and you’ll find mood radio stations, age radio stations, genre radio stations. There are a lots of different radios available to choose. Besides, a shuffle radio intelligently pick related songs from the artist or playlist you’ve selected.

Snaptube offers related information and lyrics of the songs, so when you watches a music video, you can have a more clear understanding.

Overall, both the two services are excellent music services for different reasons, but we prefer the design and interface of Tubeplay, a totally free application which is more user-friendly. Give a try.

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The soaring rise in the popularity of music