Useless Skills

I used to be able to juggle well. last time I attempted it I could still juggle with 4 balls, though quite badly. useless AND embarrassing

what’s your most useless skill?

Really good at crossing the road. People have commented on it.


Not useless. There are some terrible road-crossers out there. Keep up the good fight.


yeah I’m not sure this is a valid answer

Sometimes I cross the road even when I don’t have to because I’m so good at it. Then I have to cross back later.


you’ve convinced me

Can beat Silent Hill 2 in under an hour, which isnt good enough to get into the top 20.


how close are you?

Really good at flipping pancakes, which isn’t a euphemism but probably should be.

Save it for Thursday.


I can complete it in a night, screaming throughout

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Well the last time I checked before doing it, it was good enough to scrape in but by the time i’d actually done it I was way out. Would need to shave another couple minutes off which is much harder than it sounds.

Honestly though how the fuck are you getting through the hospital that quickly

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Speed running the hospital is really hateful. Very easy to blow a run coz a fucking nurse wont get out of the way.

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It’s by far the worst bit!

I used to work as a live subtitler. That’s a pretty useless skill now that I have a different job.

You feel you need to reassure us that you don’t fuck pancakes?

I remember being physically angry at the melting wax and combining with a horseshoe to make a handle puzzle.

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best game ever folks

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this sounds like monkey island or something