User Icon disappearing in Mobile view is (sort of) solved

If you’re using Mobile View you may have spotted that you now see a thread’s title while scrolling through it and you only get the little user icon with your notifications if you scroll up.

Detailed here

Discourse showed me how to disable this but it will only work if you have selected a specific theme. If you’re on ‘default’ then you’ll need to go to the ‘interface’ section of your user profile preferences and select a theme. Standard Colours is the same scheme as ‘Default’

Once you’ve saved that you will no longer see this feature…unless you like it, in which case you’ll now have a checkbox under Other with the option to turn it back on:

^^^ Long image so click on it to expand.


i have no idea what any of this means, but i’d still like to thank you for your help x


Excellent work theo, very happy with this outcome thanks


Thanx Theo


Yess that was a terrible feature. Would be fine if it showed the thread title as well as the avatar rather than one or the other on scroll.


Nice one Theo, I see that they’ve now replaced that annoyance with making the menu slide in from the right over your profile picture meaning you can’t click again on your profile picture to minimise it, and instead have to do a different gesture which…have they just hired a UX grad to save money?


i don’t have the ‘switch header’ option


It only shows in Mobile. I will check dark mode

Can def see it on Dark Mode in mobile

Not working on greyskull

tried on mobile and desktop, tried switching themes

can’t see it

oh wait. now it is there!

is this an update that’s rolling out? maybe i didn’t get it right away


Haha japes kept on missing it even though it was right in front of his very eyes


Same. Working now.

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I prefer the “Switch header to topic title on scroll” option to be

  • On
  • Off

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The side swipe things now are annoying as fuck, keep opening menus when I’m trying to open threads