User icon disappears when viewing a specific thread on mobile


yeah, read that thread earlier. seems loads of admins who liked it, but loads of actual board users hate it.

for the record, i hate it. if you need back up theo.


Thanks man.

We’ll see what they do. I’m sure there is a third way.


some right bellends in that thread tbqh


Okay, following the details in the thread I have disabled it but it only seems to work if you’ve selected a particular theme so if you, like me, are just using Default then you’ll need to select ‘Standard Colours’ to disable it, it seems.


Details here


“I suggest you stop using Discourse altogether then” might be the new “I suggest you listen to their entire discography”.


“Despite the pain, it may actually be better in the long term to retrain Discourse users to not expect notifications to be visible everywhere and all the time”


fucking hell lads.


Fixed :slight_smile: