User status

Just noticed this. Worth turning it on?

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Don’t see that it could do any harm…

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It’s just an emoji and text. Could be used for bigging up the album you’re loving.

  • Enable user status
  • Change nothing
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Needed this during the Glastontelly thread so we could all set a status to who we were watching at that specific time.

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I just want to set it to “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp”


And football threads

Turn it on immediately

On my way down to London right now with my big set of novelty scissors for the grand unveiling.

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Why would people vote no to this

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Is sick of two faced people


“Do you want this good thing?”
“No thanks”

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Do you want to be able to change your status without asking a mod?

Good heavens, no.


It’s an addition not an alteration therefore enable it


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Yeah but it’ll be a global thing we’ll see. If it’s benefitting football discourse I’m now against it.

It’s an emoji next to the username, it’s hardly altering the look of the site. Does anyone voting no have an actual reason? (I realise people may just like voting in polls, just wondering if there’s any decent reason that I haven’t thought of that overrides the reasons other people would find it useful)


If people had their way we’d probably still all be using broken old DiS, threadsmashes and all sorts

Emoji and text, but I was just making a classic joke comment about how much us non-football fans find football boring.

Maybe take your frustration out on someone who’s actually voted against in the poll?

I voted no, just because the other change to the Suggested Topics had the unintended consequence of making it no longer be useful. So, more just no point making a change that isn’t that important that potentially could cause an issue, although it does sound unlikely here.

The only issue I can forsee is if people put pass-agg comments regarding other members in there or whatever. Don’t really think it’s very likely though.

I guess if it adds another line under the user details that might impact the UX