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Sorry, not meant for you to feel targeted, and I’m not particularly frustrated. Just feels like no and yes votes shouldn’t be given equal weight in the poll if yes voters are giving some reasons too. Minor reasons, yes, but it’s a minor change being proposed – this is a general point not aimed at you fwiw.

And I think (although not 100% sure) that the text alongside the emoji only appears if that is hovered over/selected in some way.

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Maybe we could give it a go and turn it off again if it causes problems?

Can’t wait to try out



This feels like a sensible compromise. Do we maybe try it for a week and see if goes to shit we revoke it either quickly or after a week?

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Tick the box! Tick the box!

Think it’s worth asking across social and music - not everyone will see this thread tucked away in Site Feedback :slight_smile:

What’s happening with this then I’m on tenterhooks here

So it’s the little bit that mods can currently edit for you, but we’ll now be able to edit it ourselves?

Yeah I can’t understand how that would cause any issues at all

Be curious if any thoughts from @moderators

I’m presuming they’d prefer not being asked to change it :wink:

I don’t mind being asked to change titles, we don’t get a lot of requests and it’s easy enough. I don’t have any objections to users being able to do it themselves though. I’m guessing that some people would like to change theirs but are put off doing it because they cba asking a moderator


That’s my theory too and I think I saw someone has supporter on theirs from the brief moment the system added that for donations when Discourse first introduced that functionality.

The nature of the opacity around changing it for new users (nobody’s fault), because there isn’t an easy way to discover the moderators change it for you, meant a number of us deleted ours.

The general feeling at that time was that new users would see something they couldn’t access and feel excluded on some level. Dunno, it’s a year or two back this came up so my memory is hazy.


I definitely think we should implement this, but I will absolutely use it for annoying jokes and petty point scoring.

Just fyi this feature will be discussed in Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday. The House of Commons will then go through division on Thursday to vote on whether to hold a referendum on its implementation within the next decade.

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Green Party are planning to block it in House of Lords tho.

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I was giving it a week for people to vote

Yes but barleysugar is the exception and isn’t allowed to do it


This has now been flicked on. Will remove it if there are any issues and aim to review in a week.

It’s quite subtle

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