@harru is it @smee you’re @lurker 'n for


I think we’re @Balonz now
there doesn’t seem to be anyone around
I think we’re @Balonz now
the beating of our hearts is the only sound


@epimer @Lo-Pan room,
@ben I’m dreaming of you @harru
@ehwhat can @iandewes
I @still_here you but
I @Donz want you now





<heres yr 3 characters>


there was a fucking GREAT one on the old boards. i reckon @ma0sm wrote it.




I like The Walkmen’s other stuff, but I hope they @play_the_rat


A @littlebirds of @monicaboebel in my life
A @littlebirds of @ericthefourth by my side
A @littlebirds of @ritu is all I need
A @littlebirds of @tina_maks is what I see
A @littlebirds of @sandra.leal in the sun
A @littlebirds of @maryelong all night long
A @littlebirds of @jessica here I am
A @littlebirds of you makes @smee your @manches-brute


SHIT this took me ages to write but I can’t tag more than 10 users


@monamie !
@monamie ! (@harru ?)
@monamie !
@slim @JayJay_H


@whatshalliput with the @drunkensailorrecs
@whatshalliput with the @drunkensailorrecs
@whatshalliput with the @drunkensailorrecs
er @lee in @thewarn ing


@lucy1 in the @sky_box_office with @daiz11 clunge


I don’t want to see @FormerGhost
It’s a sight that I @vamos
rather have some @johntoast
and watch the evening @kwoods


@Nowhere to control it
It’s totally @OttoMaddox
Whenever you’re around


@japes @Smee
@japes @smee


@joe @Smee, @joe @Smee, @joe @Smee, @joe @Smee

I’m begging of you please don’t take my @mangygoats


My friends actually sing this to me!


Eh I don’t get it haha


From @barleysugar