Users M.I.A


Let’s try and locate them.

Not seen much of @twentynine recently. Where you at? Hope everything’s okay, of course


WHERE cowcow?


Where’s @casinobay


i know @twentynine has been quite busy at work lately, which could explain his absence from dis.

i spoke to him a few days back and he seemed ok. he posted on instagram earlier today as well (technically yesterday as it’s gone midnight now), so hopefully he’s alright and just busy!


Had enough of DiS, gone now :disappointed:


If anyone knows @umlaut_ampersand or @ohgood in real life please tell them both they are missed and that I said hi.


:-1: :angel::angel: one of the greats


:frowning: :cow2: :cow2:


I haven’t seen @hip_young_gunslinger for a while, I hope everything’s ok for him.


@foppyish :heart:






@Gorkys_Forever, don’t make me represent for Aotearoa all on my lonesome, brother.


I think he’s just exceptionally busy at work so he’s having a bit of a break. Believe he still lurks (hi, Hyg!)




oh there he is!


Hi @badvibes :wave: