Using an exchange account in Gmail

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I like using the Gmail browser interface vastly better than using mac mail or outlook desktop apps, so I’m wondering if I can add my work email into a Gmail account, so I can do it through that

It’s my understanding that you can only add a pop account to a standard Gmail account, which isn’t quick/reliable enough (only refreshes once or twice an hour/doesn’t sync sent items/probably some other shortcomings I haven’t noticed)

Think it might be possible with google workspace for business, which I’d rather not pay £4.50 a month for, but I might just suck it up if that’s the only way? Can it be done?

Any other advantages to having a single user google workspace account, or would I literally be paying £50 a year for being able to use an exchange account in Gmail (as I say - I am prob prepared to do this)

I have no idea if this is relevant but I like using spark for email on a mac

I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but… could you just autoforward all your email to Gmail, and set up Gmail to ‘send as’ that email when replying?

I do this for a couple of domain emails for a community group, and it does the job. Though, granted, that’s not a critical professional scenario, so there may some shortcomings to that suggestion.

I know, for instance, that anyone using Outlook and receiving mail sent from you using that method would see a bit in the header that would reveal the Gmail address being used. No biggie, but may not be professional enough for some circumstances. (But I’ve a feeling that ‘reveal’ may not be applicable any more - I haven’t checked lately.)


Yeah I can’t see any way to use an IMAP setting within GMail (although Gmail has an IMAP setting for you to use so you can fully control your mail externally).

In terms of Apps though,

seems to be designed to be in-line with Gmail not Outlook the desktop program. You can change Outlook to look like gmail if you are prepared to do some work in the settings

That’s likely a bit out of date now but I don’t think they’ve changed much about how it works.

Personally I have a series of rules setup to categorise emails based on the email address they come from and maybe some subject key words then I arrange my inbox by category so I’m able to subdivide stuff.