Utility Bill Thread - What's your balance?

I just discovered I’m £130 in credit with bulb. Were they going to tell me that? Of course not.

I’ve just reduced my monthly payments down to a fiver to eat into the balance.

My co-worker just found out she’s £270 in credit with British Gas.

Two people - £400. Just imagine the money they’re making off these balances.


you know what annoys me about eon? lots of things BUT
They don’t really let me run up a little credit surplus. So was on £120 a month direct debit for summer or something, but then the bill was much less so they autoforce me to set it to £70 or something, but the winter will be more than that. I’m trying to overpay, pricks! just let me do it while I have the money!

With consistently low attendance rates at their gigs, the Reef covers band considered a name change.

Not set it up proper yet so well in debit.

am currently £160.85 in credit, but this green dream won’t last long paying £70 a month


No idea, 'er indoors is responsible for the energy bills.

I’ve found bulb really expensive. They always seem to be telling me I’m not paying enough.

€160.00 in credit. YEAH BOI

Dunno, mate.

We’re just heading into autumn, so this will be the time when we have the largest credit balance. I think it’s at about £200 at the moment, as we’re paying around £40 a month, but have only been using about £15 a month since March.

I’ve only been paying bills at the new property for like 6 months so apparently I’m 0.00 in credit. Can’t really complain because I think I’ve spent about £120 on G&E since I’ve moved in.

I don’t want other organisations holding my money for me - unless they want to pay me interest on it.

£249 in credit ffs, gonna leave all of the lights on tonight. That’ll show 'em.