Utility Bill Thread - What's your balance?


I just discovered I’m £130 in credit with bulb. Were they going to tell me that? Of course not.

I’ve just reduced my monthly payments down to a fiver to eat into the balance.

My co-worker just found out she’s £270 in credit with British Gas.

Two people - £400. Just imagine the money they’re making off these balances.



you know what annoys me about eon? lots of things BUT
They don’t really let me run up a little credit surplus. So was on £120 a month direct debit for summer or something, but then the bill was much less so they autoforce me to set it to £70 or something, but the winter will be more than that. I’m trying to overpay, pricks! just let me do it while I have the money!


Dunno, just switched to octopus Energy, 100% renewable electricity and yet also one of the cheapest


With consistently low attendance rates at their gigs, the Reef covers band considered a name change.


Not set it up proper yet so well in debit.


am currently £160.85 in credit, but this green dream won’t last long paying £70 a month




No idea, 'er indoors is responsible for the energy bills.


I’ve found bulb really expensive. They always seem to be telling me I’m not paying enough.


€160.00 in credit. YEAH BOI


Dunno, mate.


We’re just heading into autumn, so this will be the time when we have the largest credit balance. I think it’s at about £200 at the moment, as we’re paying around £40 a month, but have only been using about £15 a month since March.


I’ve only been paying bills at the new property for like 6 months so apparently I’m 0.00 in credit. Can’t really complain because I think I’ve spent about £120 on G&E since I’ve moved in.


Unless of course you are in desperate need of the money then it makes sense to leave it in there

You will have used less power from heating etc over the summer so money will amass and then it should even out over the winter

Of course you can withdraw it but you may find you then have to up your debit every month


I don’t want other organisations holding my money for me - unless they want to pay me interest on it.


I hear ya…not sure banks are gonna do much of that either unfortunately

You work it how you wish dude


£249 in credit ffs, gonna leave all of the lights on tonight. That’ll show 'em.