Vaccinations you'd welcome



What would you like to be vaccinated against?

Smelling other people’s farts on public transport?

How about being vaccinated against needing to have sex or masturbate for a period of time? Imagine how much you’d get done.

No vaccination against this thread, science isn’t that advanced I’m afraid.


Vaccination against shit threads would be nice, ey mate?


There’s no vaccination for your terrible eyesight either.


the whole not needing sex doing loads thing annoys me

where are all the Eunuch Bransons then eh?



I wouldn’t mind a vaccination against sugar cravings. Every time I succumb and eat something really sugary, I feel terrible almost immediately.


a vaccination against addiction would be pretty world-changing tbh

oh, is this a joke thread?

my beer farts


Captain BeerFart


hahaha branson is 5’11!



Being hungry at work?


An anti-vaccer vaccination that makes anti-vaccers into pro-vaccers. Can’t see a flaw in this at all, off to the Dragon’s Den I go.


vaccinations against being hungry would be nice


not to save the world or anything, just to stop me from eating crisps


I’d like to go deaf/blind every time

  • someone starts talking/writing about a dream they had
  • a cyclist starts talking/writing about cycling


Not a big Martin Luther King fan, eh

  • talks about that CRAZY time they took drugs
  • talks about that CRAZY time they got drunk
  • talks about that AMAZING time they had backpacking


really harsh on Theo


just take some amphetamines


Slow down hair growth. Reduce hair cut frequency


anxiety - or awareness of self