If a child with measles went into a room with 100 unvaccinated people for just 15 minutes - 97 of those people would contract measles. It’s incredibly contagious.

Don’t worry Geoff, the body can protect itself.

I do wonder how much of this shit in the UK stems back to MMR and Tony Blair’s refusal (at the time) to confirm whether or not his children had had the MMR vaccine. (He confirmed that they had had it, but not for a notable length of time afterwards).

These people need to watch the episode of Operation Ouch! where they chuck balloons about to show how herd immunity works.

that’s mad

We’re not far off a massive epidemic situation of diseases that had pretty much been eradicated. How can people be so blind?

I caught whooping cough about ten years ago - as an adult my vaccine immunity had wained but I should’ve been protected by herd immunity - the drop in vaccine rates meant I wasn’t.

Working in cancer research I see first hand how badly cancer sufferers are affected by this. Very often the thing that kills them is respiratory infections that they can’t fight. Not vaccinating your kids because you’d rather they took their chances against the infection is downright selfish and is literally killing other people.

I used to work in drug safety for a pharma company who sold half a dozen vaccines. I literally processed and investigated all the adverse event reports for the vaccines. I can tell you that they’re pretty much safer than all the other drugs out there. I don’t know where all these life changing diseases are that people are scared about because we certainly didn’t hear about it.

There has to be so much more education about vaccines and health done, start in schools, tv whatever.

I’m not sure how I feel about compulsory vaccination to be honest, I don’t know if it’ll solve the problem . maybe we need to go back to how bad things were 50 years ago before people start to value vaccines again.


Yeah, sadly I think the grim reality is that until there’s a wave of kids dying of measles and the like, vaccination rates are only going to continue to decline.

Just remarket vaccines as anti-vaccines