Vacuum Thread (no Henry twats please)



What you got?

We have an upright Dyson, quite old now but tempted with one of the portable ones that you charge on the wall (not the latest model but the older one that is on sale at the moment - still £230 fuck!).


A James.


I’m purely a handheld man at the minute, Black and Decker.


Oh we have one of those. But I have dropped it and we have to keep the cover on with duct tape:


G Tech Air Ram mk1.

An absolute delight to do 95% the flat with. Problem is you also need to buy a fucking Dustbuster if you have one of these because it you can’t get into corner enough and it doesn’t have a hose attachment thing. So you vacuum the lot then you’ve got to get the Dustbuster and nail all the corners.


housemates dad got us an industrial one that they use in cleaning services and all


Take it to the bodge jobs thread please


What’s wrong with a Henry?


The marketing department have done you like an absolute kipper there.


Meile cylinder. Cant remember the model name, as it’s a really old one.

Does the job. Has lasted really well. Would recommend.


We got given it as a Christmas present. I would never have bought it myself.

Think it’s a pretty decent vac all in. Certainly more enjoyable to use than any other I’ve had.


They’re not actually that good, and they’re liked by people like BBC3.


Reckon you’d feel the same if it was called the Ms Flowery Blouse For Women and Girls?


Yeah, no doubt (German) but it is a (mild) hassle pulling that round. What does Which say about the Dyson V6 Total Clean/Absolute… waste of money?


I have one that’s basically the same size/shape/colour scheme as a Henry, but it doesn’t have a face and it’s not one. I wish I had one tbh.


I’d like it even more.


Dunno really, some kind of vacuum

I’m thinking of getting a steam mop. Anyone got one?


Yeah, I’ve got one. It’s quite an exciting way to clean the floor.


That’s what i’m thinking. It feels like it would be very satisfying.



It’s brilliant. Handy that it’s cordless as it easy to get out and just get on with it.