Vaguely remembered reality TV series of the early to mid 00s (Rolling)

  • Vanity Lair
  • Three’s a crowd


Touch The Truck.


Little monsters




I remember my school principle called an assembly about ‘Space Cadets’ on channel 4 in about 2007?


Also, look at the fantastic photo of its presenter on wikipedia:


the mole, the channel 5 reality show where one of the contestants was a saboteur (CRUSH THEM)


Loved that programme, the first two series were brilliant.


What was the one where they had to break out of prison by following clues?

  • split or steal
  • share or shaft

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urgh, just look at him


Without prejudice - a panel had to decide who to give a wad of cash to out of some members of the general public. First round was to eliminate someone purely on first visual impression without talking to them. Brutal.




Vanity Lair is responsible for one of the finest moments of TV ever:


No win no fee, a format based on exploiting Paul Ross’ lack of dignity


So many of the series would be absolutely everywhere for a couple of years and then would do celebrity specials and then would peter out when viewers caught on to how exploitative and anti-working class they’d been designed to be.

Eg Wifeswap.

Horrible era/genre for television.


Three’s a crowd was pretty fucking great tbf though

But yeah I think there’s a certain ‘type’ that was utterly appalling

  • supernanny
  • what not to wear
  • you are what you eat
  • how clean is your house
  • 10 years younger (the absolute worst TV programme ever made)


Hate to disappoint but this sort of thing is alive and well :confused:


It’s me or the dog. Loved that show.


Anyone remember Binny and Susannah?

Cricketers and fashionistas​ swap one kind of crease for another as the world’s most boring sport is dressed up. Expect bowlers in bowlers in this without-boundaries social experiment.