Val (Kilmer documentary)

Anyone watched the Val Kilmer documentary yet?

The amount of home footage he has is incredible.

Can’t say I’ve had any interest in him/his career before but found this so good and his son voicing it as if he’s his dad was perfect.

Even when the film is not trying to be sad there’s just something inherently doleful about it…think it’s the amount of home footage that makes the nostalgia feeling very visceral.

Found it very difficult at times because of a personal connection to throat cancer and seeing him talk was hard


not seen this yet but really want to. i do like val, he’s played some iconic roles.

I watched the documentary about the making of the remake of the Island of Dr Moreau a few weeks back (have you seen it?! It’s bananas) and a few people in that were not very kind about him and said he was a high school bully to work with which is interesting to keep in mind about him as he’s obviously not really putting that narrative across himself given he made this documentary :laughing: Not that he’s making himself out to be angelic or anything either.

Definitely check it out. It said it was due to expire this week on Now but its still there today at least.

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yeah i’ve read a few reports that he’s ‘difficult’ to work with. anyhoo, like i said i’ve always iked him and will definitely check this doc out :slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen this, the British director and Marlon Brando? Absolutely wild.

Yeah :laughing: boy that guy can talk. The brando bits were hilarious…that ice bucket on his head