🌹 Valentevening 🌹

Here we go. Think we’ve covered VD to death so tell us something different instead.


having meatball* pasta with mushroom sauce for tea :yum: not doing much else. prob have an early night.

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I bought a new iron and ironing board cover en route home, have already taken it for a test drive, it’s a peach.
I’m not even annoyed that I’m so chuffed with it.

Meeting my sis who I haven’t seen in ages for a couple of drinks.


Made curry, watching egg heads.

Match day isn’t it…(my favourite day :musical_note::microphone:) :cry: so there’s that.

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Thanks for the reminder

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just remembered i had a friend when i was 8 or so that would send all his mates valentine’s cards. he got absolutely ripped for it but awww

yea a “friend”

Got postponed pancake day tonight :yum:

Playing some Final Fantasy IX on the train home. Thoughts on grown men playing 20 y/o computer games on the train?

  • Perfectly acceptable behaviour, in fact should be applauded!
  • Bit weird but, whatever, enjoy your game mate!
  • I am silently judging you!

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Evening @laelfy

It is pissing it down here!

Think I might get a takeaway as I do not want to go outside again tonight and I’m still hungover. Got some washing up to do, so will do it now whilst listening to this record

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I can tell you the last time VD & AW was on the same day was 1945 but it will happen again in 2024.


I’m lying on my bed in my underwear and enjoying the silence of my room. I have to go to a birthday jam session later, followed by a drag night. I have to dress up for the latter so need to get ready but I’m shattered.

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better than playing candy crush or some shite like most people


I had a friend whose mum cut his sandwiches into hearts, even when he was in secondary. Bit cute but also odd


Thanks laelfy :blush:

Got steak and chips for dinner. Going to go fire up the oven right now and get that food a cookin’. Think we’re just going to watch the last episode of Altered Carbon and then potentially… if he’s very lucky…

play some computer games whilst we eat bread and butter pudding.


Got a bad case of mittelschmerz

Listening to these and gonna have a baked potato with beans and fish fingers. There’s something a bit uncomfortable about this picture now I think about it.

My tv is at work tonight


Oh yeah, I (unofficially) quit my job today :grimacing:


See here:

Pizza for dinner, plus beer, plus something on Netflix I imagine.

:open_mouth: wot 'appen?

Long term plan innit. Sold my flat but don’t want to go travelling till August, so have given them 5 months notice instead of 3, but not officially.