valentines day looms

this is not a knitting thread.

i have to crack on but please log your hopes, dreams, disgust or sadness here.

We had the confirmatory discussion yesterday: we will once again not be observing valentines day. Just need to get the papers drawn up and sent off to the solicitor and that’s it sorted.


Warp and weft


It can fucking do one

Would like 2 pets called this if my gf is reading.

I’ve only ever gotten one valentines day card in my adult life, and that was when a housemate who was going out with another housemate gave one to everyone in the house :joy: not really bothered though, always feels like you should be sad if you don’t have anything or anyone at this time of year and that is annoying

Thank you for the reminder based Xylo

I’m going to get my Gf the thing I should have got her for Christmas, but did not get due to a hilarious miscommunication. We may get sushi or ramen in, or perhaps cook a steak.

I have decided not to cook so ramen it shall be.

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Would like; a passionate kiss that may lead to something
Will probably get; vommed on by my baby, a pass agg convo and go to bed.

Will try and cook a nice meal, maybe a curry and get a nice bunch of flowers maybe.


Usually come up with a stupid meme-y card via moonpig. Not sure what to go for this year?

We don’t really do it otherwise tho.

Thinking of buying a beer & cheese tasting box/event thing this year tho, just for something to do.

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True love will be if I wake-up that morning to a 32-pack box of Walkers Worcester Sauce.

Ordered a nice card which should arrive today, am working on the 14th so will make a nice dinner when I get back and am gonna order some nice fancy cakes from my friend who makes nice fancy cakes.

Valentines Dream: Quicky on the kitchen table
Valentines Reality: Quiche for one on the settee


Thank you for using the correct, and often overlooked, collective noun


Fuck of



Saw a reasonably amusing card the other day which said ‘you complete me’ on, and someone had added two extra letters so it became ‘you complete mess’


Carole Baskin + tiger with the text “I’d never feed you to a tiger”


If we have to pay for something VERY mundane around the time of Valentine’s day I like to pay for it and act like it is a very romantic valentines gift. Hopefully the dates sync up with us getting a small bit of damaged wall replastered.

I’ll probably get some flowers or whatever but we basically cba with it and are both happy that way


VDay is a Sunday this year isn’t it?


@colon_closed_bracket :pleading_face:

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It’s on the menu