Valentine's DiS: weird stuff your partner's family does

Whenever we’re driven somewhere by the TV’s parents, there is maybe 20 mins of car chat and then everyone devolves into the deepest silence. No chat, no music, no radio. I’ve witnessed this auditory stasis last up to 4 hours and have learned never to travel anywhere with them without headphones. The TV finds it weird that I find this weird but it’s definitely not normal.

Tell us about your partner’s weird families.

be racist

I mean… you’ve seen the wine bottle waistcoats they brought us back from holiday, right?

I’d rather not

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Just polls?

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I think you’ll find they’re not being racist, BUT…


They still rent all of their household appliances. They can afford to buy them, they just don’t want to.

Fucking hell I haven’t got time to list everything

and I’ve got the day off


Top 20 will do just fine, ta