Pretty neat, ain’t it? Playing on a server with 8 other atds and its been so much fun exploring, having random adventures, designing bases together. Weird since I hated Minecraft and sort of thought it’d be the same with Valheim.

Find a few things like resin topping up and general building degradation if exposed to rain to be a pain in the arse, but otherwise its amazingly polished for early access.

Logged about 70 hours in two weeks. :grimacing:

refuse to play this because it’s too popular, might give it a go in a year or two though as it does look decent

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I won’t tell anyone if you decide to play it now :wink:

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Played it for about half an hour and got bored. It does seem great but I can’t be arsed.

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solo or in a group? couldn’t imagine soloing it tbh.

Solo. Got some penoid pals who are playing it but… cba.

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Oh really? I was sort of thinking of seeing if either of my laptops could run it without dying but I figured it would be a fun solo game, looked similar to a good ‘walking simulator’.

I couldn’t quite get into it, don’t think I’ll ever be a crafting game person.