Vampire Weekend 2019


I wonder how involved Rostam was involved in recording this.

Colour me excited!!!

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Was a tad let down with ‘Modern Vampires of the City’, maybe because my expectations were so high following ‘VW’ and ‘Contra’. Some banging tracks, just missed that ooooommpphh from two previous imo.

Still really looking forward to new material.

I reckon this one will have more of a chilled out vibe and will feel less overworked than some of the tracks on MVOTC

Yeah Ezra just had a baby so hopefully some nice writing material comes out of that.

MVOTC is wonderful, Contra is very good and the debut is, in retrospect, OK. Ever since 2013 I’ve been excited to see this pattern continue.

Nice nod to Hannah Hunt in Ezra’s post. “You and me, we got our own sense of time.”


Also I reckon there will be at least one guest feature. My money is on iLoveMakonnen, seeing as they’re music pals

I thought the debut and Contra were both great, but Modern Vampires is probably my favourite album of the decade so far. Almost six years ago now!


‘Contra’ is a masterpiece. I still like MVOTC just not as much as other two. As @nopicnic mentioned their musical direction is just fine. Just don’t lay an egg here, which is highly unlikely.

Yeah. First two are good but MVotC was a major step up in my eyes. Increased maturity and emotional depth.


Can’t wait for this anyway. Would actually love a VW record that was less perfectionist and a looser sprawling record full of ideas and guests. Given it’s a double album and rostam hasn’t been around as much it’s possible that’s what we could get.

Bit sad it’s not actually going to be called Mitsubishi Macchiato :slight_smile:


I didn’t think he was going to be involved at all?

I think the suggestion was when he left 3 years ago that he would be involved in the album. It might have changed since then.

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Not certain but i think the idea was he’d no longer be an official member of the band, with touring duties etc, but he’d still be kicking about and producing some tracks? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t on this album somewhere.

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I loved the first album and MVOTC, but weirdly Contra is a total blank to me… should listen to it again and see what I was missing.


Double albums are mostly a bad idea

It’s less than an hour long, so I’m trusting them.

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I loved their last album, haven’t listened to them since 2013 though. It’s been a while hasn’t it. Might not bother.

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i was excited about this aspect of it as i’d gone off the debut a bit by that time, but i just never really got into it. think Contra is the best.

haven’t listened to any of the 3 in a very long time though tbf

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