Vampire Weekend 2019


I can see Jaden Smith making a cameo too.


Desus & Mero spoken word section that references obscure buildings in New York


guest spot bingo:

Desus & Mero
Jaden Smith
Rashida Jones
Jake Longstreth
Dave Longstreth
Jonah Hill
Mark Ronson
Ed Droste
Charli XCX
Angelique Kidjo


Feels proper exciting this - though I’ve never really listened to the first two(!)


Any guesses at what FOTB stands for?

Fangs Of The Beast (my wife’s suggestion)
Frodo Or The Balrog
Fight On The Beach
Father Of The Bride


They’re all good records, imo. Surprised if someone liked one they wouldn’t like them all. Didn’t actually think as a band they’d be capable of stuff like Step and Hannah Hunt, think MVotC deserves all the acclaim it got.


Future of the Batmanglij

It’s just eighteen ‘songs’ of fart noises and offensive Koz-style takedowns predicting the downfall of their former talisman.


This is exciting. I’ve been listening to Ezra’s show on Apple Music after someone on here recommended it, he’s actually really funny which I wasn’t expecting.


Pls no.


I’m going to guess Front of the Back.


Fuck Off Trump - Bernie


Fingers Or Toes? Both!
Flugelhorn + Oboe + Timpani = Baroque
Fangs Out, Trustafarian Beatniks!
Friday’s Over, Transylvania Beckons


Really like your last one, seems ideal for a double album.


Farts on the beach


Very on-brand way to offer a first tease of new music - a 120 minute long YT loop

Sonically lovely though eh


New songs are out on Thursday


Someone shazam’d the Harmony Hall Guitars video above and dug up this - the only snippet we currently have from the album.


Sounds like Ed Sheeran


Can’t remember the last time I listened a shoddy 30-second clip of unreleased music three times, but that’s how much I’m looking forward to this stuff. Thanks!

They’ve also made Harmony Hall riff guitar tab available:

VW are good at hype. :grin:


Flight Of The Bumchords