Vampire Weekend 2019


Someone spotted that they slipped that Harmony Hall riff in during extended Cape Cod in Chicago last year.


Two new songs are being released at 1pm today :eyes:


1pm New York time or UK time?




UK time. They posted a message on instagram saying new songs are being released 8am EST, which is 1pm in the UK


Just a couple more hours…

Here’s a nice cover of Hannah Hunt (what a song) to tide us over.



what you think?


They sound like Vampire Weekend songs alright. I like them.

And FOTB is Father of the Bride


When that funkier piano melody comes in I just hear Step On by the Happy Mondays.

Very nice overall though, I like how rich it is in sound and how many component parts it has.


The 18 track ode to Quincy Jones we’ve all been waiting for


I think if this same exact song (Harmony Hall) was by another band I’d hate it. Sounds well 90s avin it large at parts. But got eternal time for VW.

They talk about jam bands on Time Crisis a lot and it shows


Both very good! More info from Ezra’s interview on Beats 1 just now:

2021 samples this, composed by Haroumi Hosono for use in Muji shops in the 80s.

Rostam helped out with production on Harmony Hall and one other track on the album. The album features Steve Lacy on two tracks, and someone else on at least two.


Lovely sunny song. Getting a big Solsbury Hill vibe, which I guess makes sense given they covered it at End Of The Road.


Still not sure after a couple of listens, love MVotC so will probably wait to hear whole album. Little nod to Finger Back in the chorus of Harmony Hall


Nailed it tbh tbf to the lad


Harmony Hall a bit too prog-Madchester for my liking


and the other one’s just a bit pointless.



Really like 2021


Nice on first listen. Feel like there’s such a wide open space for a Landmark Indie Rock Record atm that its success is a foregone conclusion. The multi-year absence, the long tracklist, this’ll be massive.