Vampire Weekend 2019


This is definitely not going in the Best Album Artwork 2019 thread


I’m slightly underwhelmed if I’m honest. Decent enough but nothing special. Will give it time and still hold out high hopes for the album but don’t think these are as good as many (any?) of the tracks on modern vampires in my view.

Definitely agree with @lastdino on hearing shades of the Happy Mondays on Harmony Hall.


I’m getting much more of a Charlatans just when you’re thinking things over vibe. It’s growing on me…


10+ listens deep and I think this is absolutely brill


Absolutely lovely. No probs with the stones vibes in harmony hall, it coalesces very nicely.

Can very happily live with a double of this stuff


I think this is brilliant (if a little finger back-y!?). So excited for the album!!


I love VW and enjoyed Harmony Hall but the whole hype generating around this smells so contrived and boardroom…it annoys me that “Sony Music” appears everywhere all over the video and artwork etc. Piss off!


Really like Harmony Hill. A song like that has no place being released in January though


Eh, it’s ok but compared to the one two hit of Step/Diane Young it’s a bit of a step down. Actually think 2021 is the more interesting of the two. HH is very VW by numbers and the Happy Mondays thing is spot on :slight_smile:

Hopefully the next two next month are stronger.




Good work!


New episode of Time Crisis is fun, they have Ariel Rechtshaid as a guest and start by breaking down HH & 2021, talking a bit about the production and writing.

If you haven’t got Apple Music it’s repeated at 8:10 (right now). I think you can still use iTunes to tune in to Beats 1 live without a subscription.


Someone also uploads he latest episodes here:

Guess we’ve only got a few more months of this before they put the show on hold to tour



Jake’s Grateful Dead cover band are the opener for some of the tour so maybe they’ll work something out




Not really into these new songs :frowning:


EartH show on 21st March and Islington Assembly Hall on 22nd & 23rd, wasn’t expecting that!


And the Saturday 23 March show at Islington Assembly Hall is at 9am!