Vampire Weekend 2019


Oooft I’m definitely gonna be a sucker and pre-order for a presale code. Absolutely love the idea of a morning show too so will aim for that one. Wondering which will be least popular though.

If I get them I wont tell the TV and just tell her to keep that morning free. Will be a great surprise.


Both venues are kind of a hassle from Oxford, so a morning performance could be good but that’s the one day I probably can’t get free… :thinking:


Imagine the morning show will be least popular, though having said that it’s the one that appeals most to me!


Definitely gonna try and get tickets for the morning show.


There’s a link (here) right at the bottom of the store to sign up for presale without having to pre-order!


Signed up for the pre-sale and will probably try for 22nd.

They did all arenas last time, so I didn’t bother. Will be great to finally catch a VW show if I get lucky :crossed_fingers:


Final cover has an an orange strip! And the globe is focused on the Atlantic.

I’m certainly not going to forget what label Vampire Weekend are on anytime soon. If I’d had offers from every major I would have got Sony to put me on Columbia, with their much nicer logo:


It’s a hideous album cover - wonder if Sony are bunging them some extra cash for the logo being there. If so, fair play.


Unbelievably bad. Thought it was a joke at first.


Oh wow, that’s hilarious


Got Modern Vampires on for the first time in aaaaages, what a lovely lovely record.


Just been listening to loads of time crisis and grateful dead. Cheers Ezra


Did anyone get a confirmation email yet for the presale? Or do we think they’ll be sent out after 5?

Am very keen for this, gonna try and mobilise the troops.


It’ll be after that time.


Not yet! Quite looking forward to being caffeinated for the Saturday morning show.


Seems that if you’ve signed up by 5pm today you’ll get a code to try the presale tomorrow morning:

(from Ticketmaster)

Any thoughts on the latest tracks?

Loved Big Blue immediately, whilst Sunflower’s taking a bit longer to click (but then so did Ya Hey). That “Strange thought upon a pillow” bridge section is so strong that I find it’s a drag when it goes back to the main scat part.


Those were my thoughts exactly. I wish Big Blue was longer. I feel there was potential to have an extra verse and a mournful slide guitar solo in there or something. Yeah the rhythm guitar during the “Strange thought upon a pillow” bit is really cool and grooves really nicely, but then it goes back to the stiff and silly scat singing bit. Like… I know with VW you expect a bit of playfulness verging on silliness, but man… imagine that song live with the crowd scat singing that run of notes :grimacing:


Got mine


Got mine too. Can’t wriggle out of work on Saturday so shall try for Friday night. Good luck!


Check your Junk folders if you’re still waiting for your code, becasue that where mine ended up.