Vampire Weekend 2019


I haven’t got mine yet. Pre-ordered the album from the website and have checked my junk mail. Let’s hope it turns up


PM on Radio 4 have just been using Harmony Hall to soundtrack a roundup of the last day in Parliament. Might have to write in to Time Crisis about this.


Some pals have agreed to help me try and get tickets. Should I give them all my Ticketmaster log in? Does that cause any issues? Seems like the best approach to me.

I assume the name of the booker will be important and they might be quite strict on it given how few there are.




Me too! Saturday morning show. That’s one early train down from Bristol.


Me too! :grin:

So hyped for the Saturday morning show!


Sat morning too! :smile:


My girlfriend is coincidentally in London next week visiting family, and managed to get a ticket for the Friday night show.

I’m preeeeetty, preeeetty jealous, but also quite happy, for her and you all!


Had to keep trying until almost 10:30 but just got one for the Saturday morning. This is going to be amazing, isn’t it?


Yes. :slight_smile:


Train booked from Bristol at 6.30am. Good job I live right next to the station!

Then I’ve got a comedy show in Bristol that night. I’ll probably sleep well afterwards.


If doors are 9 i guess they’ll be on about 10?


This depends on whether there’s a support, I guess!



Feels odd googling pre-gig breakfast places rather than the usual pubs :slight_smile:


Which of the London shows are you attending?

  • 21/03 - EartH
  • 22/03 - Islington Assembly Hall
  • 23/03 - Islington Assembly Hall

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I think the reasoning upthread that Saturday morning wouldn’t be as popular was pretty sound.

I’m personally very up for a morning gig. What a way to start the day! Imagine I’ll be off to the march after and then in the evening I’ve got a best mate’s 30th. Perfect day!


Definitely gonna have to bring a few ££ for merch. Maybe they’ll have exclusive merch for the London shows like they did at last year’s warm-up shows in Ojai



Apparently ‘bloody marys, pastries and hot drinks’ will be available at the morning show :smiley:



Spare a thought for me when you’re enjoying your pastries. Failed at the pre-sale and general sale, despite having the Ticketmaster page open before 10am both days.