Vampire Weekend 2019


November Euro tour:

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Usher Hall would be good.


Birmingham Academy seems a little small for them! Perhaps they’re not as popular as I imagine they are?


Gonna get tickets just to do this, sounds like great fun :wink:

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I might try and go to this specifially for that reason. It’s nowhere near as big as Ally Pally


I’m sure they could play bigger places but Ezra’s said he didn’t particularly enjoy the arena experience on the MVOTC tour. Not sure where they would play that’s of in-between capacity in the Midlands.

All the same, the Academy (what I think as the ‘new’ one, though it moved from Dale End about ten years ago) is one of my least favourite venues.


10am showtime on Saturday. Earlier than I was expecting!


Anyone having any luck trying to get tickets for Alexandra Palace? I’m just getting a spinning wheel


Nvm I followed the link in the email and for some reason that worked


Per the email from Ticketmaster, right?

I got this too and found this caveat a bit odd…

“Please keep in mind that these are just rough guidelines, so they are not set in stone and can change at the last minute”.

Fine if they go on a bit later but any earlier than 10 and I’m going to be cutting it fine :-/


I’m aiming for 9 just because I can imagine security might be a bit of a faff and I want some time to get a drink and check out merch.

Think the caveat is pretty standard and would only expect it to be later than 10 if it changes not earlier.


this is just classic no liability stuff; there’s no way the headline band will be on less than an hour after doors even in this odd scenario

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I got one for Alexandra Palace, no Ticketmaster trouble this time. :+1:

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Given there’s no support act (even though the Facebook event pages said “plus special guests”), I think it’s safe to assume that the given timing is correct.

Listened to Modern Vampires Of The City this morning, and am very bloody excited about this weekend. Even the 6.30 train from Bristol bit.


I live in Cardiff but I’m in Bristol the night before, seeing Dylan Carlson. Current plan is to get a train home after that, be home by 00:30ish, then get up again at 5:00 to catch a train to London.

Reading this back to myself now, I might just sack Carlson off actually… :-/


Do all the things and sleep on the train. :slight_smile:


VW did a Lamacq Session today, starts at around 2 hours in:

The live 2021 outro is lovely.

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Spare ticket available for tomorrow (Friday) night VW gig in Islington. DM me if you want it.


If you can’t get rid of it here, head to the Facebook event group where they’ll bite your hand off for it!

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Possible spoiler for this weekend’s London setlists: They played Sunflower (the Spider-Verse Post Malone song), weaving in the riffs from their own Sunflower and Harmony Hall. Very nicely done.

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