Van Halen

I mean he’s a fantastic guitarist, he’s just got that air about him of how much he knows it, and no real tunes behind it.

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I always figured he probably had no tunes, but I guess Devin having loads of tunes made me wonder?

They’re ok. Good musicians. Some good songs.

I think the first album is pretty great - just fun, exciting, spirited rock music - but there are swiftly diminishing returns after that. A band ruined very quickly by success.

My favourite less obvious stuff after the debut:

And for good measure here’s Mr Bungle covering Loss Of Control:

And this will never fail to make me laugh:

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Love a bit of Van - 1st album is an all timer “bunch of folks in a room playing hard” record


I am unaware of them apart from the hits (probably) and this complete disaster of a song from their 90s period

Jump is an all-timer


Why Cant This Be Love? and Dreams are great. Brilliant pop/rock songs.

Can’t be arsed with much else though.

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Steve Vai was mentioned.

This was a very formative song for me just cos my older cool cousin played it to me when we were on holiday at my gran’s house. It was the first ‘track’ i heard that was a minute long!

Now if your talking Van Halen and Steve Vai surely you end up with this…


The fuck is this? They had a third singer? I must have forgotten. Hard pass.

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It’s the guy from extreme singing. The album ( Van Halen 3 ) was such a massive flop Eddie had to go get David Lee Roth back for a reunion tour.

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1 and 2 are legit great, especially On Fire from 1.

1984 is probably my fave, cracking album that full on bangers.

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Obviously I’d heard Jump. Everyone knows that song but weirdly my own personal interest into the rest of their catalogue was this 90’s dance track! I won their album from a competition in select or NME


Yep, same.

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Van Halen and dance music aren’t always so successful.

Might put the first album on

Given me an idea for a thread this