vaping people of DiS

let’s have a vaping thread

i’m having good luck with my new vape, and i like the iced lemon flavour juice. a good pull on the old vape mellows me right out.

here is my vape (got it for 30 in a snap last year)

I’d rather not vaporise people of DiS

how long has it kept you off the real cigs?

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8 months so far :crossed_fingers:

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good on you!!


i don’t want to be on it more than 18 months so i’m gradually reducing dose, down to 0.8mg atm. my tastebuds have come back!

I’ve got an Innokin CoolFire IV TC100 and a spare battery that I’ve never needed to use. Apparently they discontinued them because they caught fire or something, but mine’s lasted a couple of years I think. Off the fags for 4 or five years now, can’t honestly remember. Could probably go cold turkey now tbh but can’t be arsed trying.


i tried vaping a few times but never felt it gave me the smoking experience so always ended up going back to cigs

went cold turkey about 18 months ago and do not miss it at all.

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