Attempting/ failing to get off roll-ups. Will vaping help? It looks daft I know. Spent a few evenings researching with much conflicted advice via YouTube, etc. Advice / suggestions / cold turkey?

Yeah it will if you get a nice one, but you’ll become a proper nerd and start mixing your own flavours and talking to other vapours about burning temperatures and subtle nicotine differences and then you’ll realise loads of other folk just never clean theirs and will be happy with burnt porridge and duck flavour or something, and then go back to smoking.

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It looks very complicated at an advanced level and pointless at an entry level.

Yeah that’s it. (It’s not actually that hard but really pointless otherwise)

Advice on a kit?

it really helped for me. kicked a 20+ a day habit and it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be.

started out with a 25 quid set up that I used for about a week before hitting the smokes again. about a year later, I tried a friend’s fancier vaporizer that I really enjoyed using and actually gave me the ‘throat hit’ sensation that I particularly crave. spent about 100 quid on some ‘mid-range’ equipment and I’ve basically been smoke free for 6 months now (still socially smoke/have the odd fag on occasion, but I definitely don’t feel addicted to them anymore).

basically, I couldn’t recommend it more if you’re serious about quitting. having tried and failed many times to quit cold turkey, I was pretty amazed at how easy it was to transition to vaping. plus, it tastes really nice and you can smoke indoors!

bit of advice if you do make the switch and are a moderate to heavy smoker: don’t get a cheap starter kit. me and a few of my friends did and pretty much all agree it was a waste of time and money. go into a vape shop (they’re awful places but you get to try out kits and liquids for free) and then buy cheaper online.

can give you some advice with regards to nicotine strengths/equipment if you like.

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Good reply. Thanks. I smoke Golden Virginia, can’t smoke / don’t like actual cigarettes. Tobacco seems purer but at my age it’s time to get out somehow…maybe.

how many do you smoke a day?

0 in the daytime at work but 10/15 in the evening or if I’m out for a beer.

well, I can definitely recommend what I use atm (also not really that nerdy about it the whole thing anyway)

I use a different tank (thing on top of the box thing that has the liquid in), but the one included is of the same quality. can use it heavily for about 4 days before it needs a recharge. so, everything you need for this model would be: (0.5 Ohm)

and then the liquid of your choice. I’d start out with a relatively high concentration of nicotine (for example, 12mg) and then taper down as you get used to it. also, try and get liquid that is 50/50 or 60/40 PG/VG (PG and VG being the two components of e liquid. as a rule of thumb, the more PG, the better the throat hit. the more VG, the bigger the vapour production).

I spend around 40 quid a month on replacement coils (the things you put inside the tank to make the liquid burn) and eliquid, so its massively cheaper too.

but really, the best thing you can do is go into a shop and see what works for you!

when did you start smoking? because that definitely sounds like how regular smoking throughout the day/night starts

source: me and the whole world

Smoked for almost 20 years. Was 20+ a day in my final years. Pretty heavy.

Got into vaping and now pretty much don’t smoke at all. I smoke occasionally on nights out when someone gives me a fag or summat but other than that - never. Vaping is actually more pleasant I find.

I just hit up a starter kit and it does me absolutely fine. I didn’t want to go in for those big box jobbies because a) I think they look fucking ridiculous and b) because you’re trying to replicate smoking so having a slimline vape pen’s more of a transition. All I want is some nicotine’d vapour going into my lungs and to get that hit – too much of the vape ‘scene’ now seems like a load of blokes willy-waving about technology. Which, to be fair, is where everything seems to end up these days…

I’d recommend something like this personally: Then get a 2nd battery and some sample liquids. Aspire’s a good brand. Although make sure you ‘prime’ the coils when you put them in (google it – it’s basically just giving them a wipe to get all of the packaging fluid off).

Quite a heavy initial outlay but after that you’re looking at about £30-£40 a month on liquids and coils. Because I was a roll ups guy it’s actually not really saved me any money (used to spend about £10 a week on baccy and that) but I can’t recommend vaping enough myself.

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Two people vape in my office. Pretty nasty to get a whiff of popcorn flavour smoke or whatever shit he’s using today.

But better than actual smoke I guess.

i’m currently in the process of substituting all my meals with a nutritional vape system


For a non smoker: do any actually successfully replicate the taste of real smokes or is it like quorn/meat? Most of the ones I smelt smell so saccharin.

nah. you can get tobacco flavoured ones but they taste like unsmoked cigarettes.

I don’t think anyone really misses the taste to be honest.

I’m more in the GEOFF camp than the profk one, although I nod in agreement at both.

I got given a starter kit for Christmas in 2014 and as soon as I actually started using it in January 2015 I gave up the fags overnight, by which I mean that I went from a long-term heavy smoker to not having a single fag since 7th January 2015. For me what’s even more remarkable is that I have at no point even been tempted.

I still use the same starter kit I started with, which is the pen type, although I now use a pair of tanks that have replaceable coils. I still use the same liquid I started on, which is high strength (18mg) tobaccoey flavour. To be honest I would be happy to switch to just totally additive free, and from what I’ve heard that’s the bit where people have the biggest long-term health concerns.

When you first get one you think it’ll last forever, but basically the coils blow weekly (although I’ve had them burn out the same day), and the batteries degrade over a period of weeks/months. Plus they are mucky things, and they can sometimes spurt drops of the liquid into your mouth which is not pleasant.

I absolutely HATE the nobhead vaping lifestyle thing. For me what the market is absolutely crying out for is a reliable battery, tank and coil product that is well-manufactured, and widely available. But if you look on the internet for advice all you get is wankers discussing ohms.

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agree with the nobhead vaping lifestyle thing. its why I avoid going into vape shops-pretty sure the entirety of games workshop’s staff moved to these sorts of places once they started getting closed down.

BUT I think there’s probably a happy medium to be found. e.g. knowing enough of the technical stuff to be able to find a product that is right for you.

I’m always very cautious about advocating the smoking-cessation thing, for two reasons.

The first reason is that I used to smoke because I liked it, and I vape now because I like it now, and I don’t want to give ammunition to all the ex/non-smokers who have a hardon for telling the world that every smoker hates smoking. I am not vaping as a gateway to complete abstinence.

The second reason is that I know full well that it’s incredible how differently people can react to the different smoking substitutes. Part of the reason I’m boggled by my success with vaping is that every other method I’ve tried has been a total failure, and yet I know people who’ve given up with the patches, the gum, hypnosis and the Allen Carr thing. So I’d never tell someone they should start vaping and they’ll never look back, though I would recommend giving it a try.