Varieties of things that aren't worth bothering about


Jam doughnuts: yes please!
Apple doughnuts: what have I done to deserve this bland, flavourless doughnut


Also applies to custard doughnuts IMO



<awaits 5 likes>


I just had the choice of apple or custard. That’s no choice at all.

Except the custard ones would make me actually shit myself, so I had apple, obviously.


Jammy Dodgers (any which arent the red one)


I dunno, man. sure, I wouldn’t actively seek out a custard doughnut, but they’re still pretty fucking decent and probably account for 15% of my overall yearly doughnut consumption


Any pizza that isn’t pepperoni marks you out as a needy tryhard


Unpleasant people


just had a creme brulee doughnut, was good but would i have again, no.


apple and cinnamon do(ugh)nuts are bloody ace you clown


The last time I had one was around June I think, we bought a pack thinking they were jam, realised they weren’t and gave them to a homeless guy.


Granny Smith apples. no redeeming qualities whatsoever. wouldn’t feed them to a donkey


Who said anything about cinnamon, you flange?


I did, you massive philtrum


Custard doughnuts are millions of times better than jam you lunatic

I would happily choose custard over jam even if made me shit myself

Apple, however, can suck my dick.


Please think of the advertisers before making comments like this.




Custard doughnuts are great. They are as good, if not better, than jam.


This is an astonishing thing to think


It’s not quite sucking, but it’s close?