VEEP - Tell Me More About it Please...

I loved TTOI and In The Loop so keep meaning to see more of this.

Is it worth going in all guns blazing and getting the box-set?

From the few bits I’ve seen it looks really good, basically an American TTOI which is kind of the idea right?

It’s different to TTOI in terms of it’s humour but worthwhile regardless.

It doesn’t have a Malcolm Tucker figure which threw me at first but the cast of excellent supporting characters is vast and is arguably a better ensemble than TTOI.


Quite good for removing hair without the hassle and irritation of shaving

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Really enjoyed the first series but the returns start to diminish fairly quickly when it becomes less a political satire and more a parade of wacky characters. Gave up at the end of season 3.

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diminishing returns but generally pretty funny, great cast

This basically. Also Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character goes so mean-spirited by the end that it lessened my enjoyment of it quite a bit.


Worth watching for Richard T Splett alone.


Starts good, gets bad, then ends strongly.

Its also full of fatphobic jokes.

I didn’t really like it.

“Amy, what are your top five favorite De Niro movies?”
“And you can’t say Meet the Parents because that’s automatically number one."

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It’s on NowTv.

It’s fantastic.

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I find that enhanced my enjoyment of it A LOT.

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Really like the ep where Dan pretends to make friends with Jonah and they go to see that grindcore band. Dammit, am I going to have to get Now TV to watch this all again?


Yeah but you can also watch all of Curb :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s fantastic and such a fun show to watch. The characters are all great and I could watch them become disgusted and enraged with each other all day.

The two biggest flaws are easy to get past:

  • Sometimes the dialogue is a bit too on the nose snappy
  • Like many comedies, one of the best characters essentially gets turned into a wacky cartoon in the last season

Another vote for it’s different to TTOI but great in its own way.

It does become less enjoyable when Selina is just plain nasty, but this is the case for a lot of shows and it’s still hilarious. Jonah and Dan are consistently brilliant, especially together.

Love it. Does suffer a bit towards the end but there’s still enough in there to make it good. Agree with not really being a fan of all-out nasty Selina. Also Richard fucking Splett.

Magrudergrind are in an ep.

That’s all I know