Veg box 📦 A thread for suggesting what to do with veg

Find that I’ve been unintentially wasting some veg box contents from not knowing what to do with some of the contents then missing the window to use it up before I’ve found a suitable recipe.

Maybe we can inspire each other in here…


This week some of my things I don’t know what to do with include:

Basil tofu?!

The other veg included in case this sparks inspiration for a recipe (potatoes, turmeroc, carrots, spring onions, fresh garlic, cavalo Nero, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, brococli (sprouting and ordinary) asparagus, oregano, courgettes, aubergine, avocado, tomatoes)

good thread idea. that’s a great looking bunch of veggies!

only cooked chard a couple of times, both lockdown veggie box related, so won’t be hugely helpful. got one tip though: I’d suggest cooking the stalk and leaves separately as the cooking times are wildly different - the leaves wilt quickly like spinach but the stalk needs cooking a bit like celery (or like pak choi stalks). it tastes earthy a bit like beetroot (if you haven’t had it before). if you ever use kale/spinach in pasta it might be a good substitute? use the stalks like onions and the leaves like… leaves? might be good in salads too!

This book is great for pairings etc.
Use it more than any standard recipe book I think, plus it looks nice

Any good?

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Soups, traybakes and stir fries are my go to when I have leftover veg box veg that I don’t know what to do with

Turmeric is great in milk for a night time drink

Basil tofu sounds like it’d be amazing in pesto pasta

Thank you (once when they sent it I made a lovely chard crumble thinking it was rhubarb :see_no_evil:)


think it would take me 2 months to eat all those vegetables

Yum…I always have turmeric in my chai, though I must remember to brush my teeth straight after!

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That’s a lot of veg! What about artichoke soup?

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I know! I have to get the big box to qualify for delivery and I get so stressed as its just me and M. So we have a week eating loads of healthy food before it wilts then 3 weeks of junk until I can afford the next box.

Ooo sounds fab. I’ll make this

I’m eating this now. It is delicious. Meera is the best.

(Even M likes it)


Ah amazing :slight_smile: we quite often have a potato, bean and coconut curry which is quite similar. Glad you like it!