Vegan Pets

Does anybody do this (or even vegetarian/pescetarian diets)? Or does anybody with or without pets have an opinion on the matter. I’ve heard an argument that cats in particular need meat for their eye health…but fairly ignorant otherwise.

What a great thread choice for a Friday night.


I recall being told 20+ years ago that while dogs can be vegan cats absolutely can’t although I never heard why.

Someone claimed that vegan dogs are less smelly but who knows.

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Dogs smell fine though…always a bit creeped out by dogs that smell faintly of perfume.

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I think the comment was just a general thing. If you go to someone’s house and they own a dog or cats there is often a certain smell their house has? I think that was what they were referring to. Was also 20 years ago so not really sure

any vegetarians i know who have dogs feed them meat (and lots of it). i think if you’re not going to do that, you’d want to do your research and be absolutely sure of what you’re doing.

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The thing with cats is that unless it’s an indoor one there is a very high chance it’s not going to stick to the vegan diet :grimacing:


I know a vegan couple who are planning on doing this…they are taking their time in order to get it right to be fair…but I have to admit my first reaction was “is that fair?”…

the rabbit is feeling much healthier since i stopped feeding him meat


Was thinking of that but also how often cats get neighbours to feed them too, TBH

How about vegan dogs? Would you give them a meat-free diet?

Hoping to get a dog this year, incidentally…

My dog has no meat in his diet, how does he smell?


Dogs and cats eat meat. Forcing your beliefs on them is immoral

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Is anyone actually forcing the cat or dog to believe in something?

(As discussed above though…it’s physically necessary for cats to eat meat/fish).

I’d agree. Two of my friends had a child last year, one is vegetarian and one vegan. They are still going to give their child meat as they said its up to the child to make the decision when he’s older.

Their physiology

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Out of all the threads on dis regarding vegetarianism, I feel as though this has the potential to be the most fair and cool headed yet.


Ah fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

You can maintain a dog or cat’s (as tricklenipple just corrected me on) physical health without needing to give them meat

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