Vegans and vegetarians who once ate meat



when you switched, did you pay attention to your diet and make sure that you compensated for any nutrients that you might be missing out on, like saturated fats (joke)?

(I may have posted this before but I’m getting harangued by the “reply box at the bottom of the screen that won’t go away”, so i need to post something, anything, to make it go away). What’s the song that has a line “it won’t just go away”? It’s on the tip of my lingua.


not really, no.


nor have i, i’m wondering if i should.


probably, but… aint nobody got time for that


Not really. I do try to keep a reasonable amount of protein in my diet, but I like Quorn, nuts, eggs and all that, so not much effort required.


No. I was 7.


Nope. I have a very basic understanding of food groups and dietary requirements and nutrition so I’m probably not the best person to ask.


Not at all. But my meals are extremely varied anyway, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. And otherwise I’d have keeled over by now.


Yes, but it’s not really been a problem. If you’re just omitting meat from dishes, then yes, it might be an issue, but when you’re cooking meals from from recipes, they’ll usually be well-balanced enough.


Dirty pescatarian here so I don’t worry too much.


you disgust me, fish-breath


rightly so


i do miss prawns and smoked salmon


not on meatbook


Nope. Do try to eat more greens, though.


would LOVE to eat a fucking juicy burger right now, I can tell ya. big fucking hunk of beef. glorious

feel like I’m ready to fall off the wagon


are you thinking of make it go away from this woman’s work?
i try to compensate but some days i forget


Is anyone NOT in this catagory?

Like can you be born vegetarian?


I ate/drank many things before I ate meat.

[not a euphemism]


please elaborate