Veganuary - anyone up for it?

Think we have a couple vegans here already but could be a good way for some of the rest of us to remedy the christmas overindulgence. Anyone game?

What about cheese Eric. WHAT ABOUT CHEESE.


i would pretend that i’d eat vegan cheese for a month but that shit is vile

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the only animal products i consume are chicken meat, and on average 1 egg per month

i can easily and do often go a month without it but a world without chicken is a world i don’t want to live in, sorry

oh fish. forgot about fish. i eat that sometimes, too, just can’t remember the last time i ate fish.


ooh edgelord is here!


don’t think i’ve tried this one but all the ones i have were just awful

This one is actually nice. Very good in things like toasted sandwiches.

Some of the other attempts make you hate life and hate food.

Also Zizzi do a really nice vegan cheese pizza now. Some kind of rice-milk based bechamel sauce deal.

Should add that I am not actually vegan- vegetarian, but frequently cook for/cater to vegans.

i had a vegan lasagne last week (not from zizzi’s), made with rice pasta, and the bechamel, as far as i could tell, was just oil and soy milk :frowning2:
the ‘ragu’ was just lumps of tomato. dunno why i got my hopes up.

ready meal vegetarian/vegan lasagnes are miserable affairs.

sainsbury’s do one now. rice, corn and quinoa sheets! “coconut-based alternative to milk”! “grated cheddar-style coconut-based alternative to cheese”! :disappointed_relieved:

Definitely couldnt be arsed with this but will try to eat more healthily than this year.

I tried that new sainsbury’s cheese substitute range and it did terrible things to my stomach.

think I’d struggle, been eating loads of cheese since i started a job with #subsidisedlunch gonna try and switch to non dairy butter and milk though