Veganuary - anyone up for it?

think I’d struggle, been eating loads of cheese since i started a job with #subsidisedlunch gonna try and switch to non dairy butter and milk though

I recently discovered that oat milk is lovely.

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Bloody love almond milk me.


This is piss east and you’ll love it, g’wan,


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Early Earth Song lyrics needed redrafting

Maybe this would be a good time to try huel, would make life a bit easier


Not for me, Clive.

No, because the name of it winds me up (And chicken)

Is it supposed to be

  • Vegan-uary
  • Ve-January

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dont really think veganism should be the subject of one of these month fads tbh. grow a tache or something

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doesnt even rhyme

only two days to go guys! everyone ready to go? i’m trying to finish up all the cheese i got for christmas. should have enough fat reserves to get me through the month tbh.

Wor Lass is dairy intolerant and hasn’t found a df cheese she can abide in two years.

Yeah, literally no point. Once had cheezly on a pizza and it blended in well enough

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No cheese = fuck that


I’m doing it. Been eating cheese every day to use it up.

Hardest thing will be lunches…So used to cheese or quorn stuff in my salads


hooray! please update us on your progress.

Would love to do this but I think I would die of crying if I couldn’t eat cheese an yogurt.

@jazzballet’s post upthread is pretty useful and inspiring though, so I may well give it a whirl at some point. I’d deffo struggle with things like beer and wine as well.


Wild sheep and cows I guess? I mean the countryside could survive but it would need to be heavily protected from development I suppose, lots of subsidies.