Veganuary - anyone up for it?

Genuinely was tempted but TV has :poop: :poop:'d the idea. They cook 2/3rds of the time with my work schedule so I can’t argue. I’ll try for vegan weekends and build up from there. (Is lager vegan?)

You lose your cravings soooo quickly that you just don’t feel that need for cheese after a while.

Some beers are vegan. Beavertown is the brewery I go for.


Yeah, i’m trying to go for a whole year of being vegan. I did the whole of November and all the way up until Christmas eve as vegan so it’ll be very easy for me again. I had a little cheese on christmas day but tbh I didn’t really fancy it as much as I though I would have.

You have to be quite well prepped indoors and have some recipes you can fall back on as a last min dinner. Lunches are easy for me as there are a load of places near my work that do vegan lunches.

The only issue is dickheads at work trying to tell you that you’re not getting enough protein or vitamins or whatever. I don’t ever start a conversation but seem to have someone ask me questions daily and it’s so boring. Everyones like ‘how long are you keeping this vegan bullshit up for?’ and it’s just annoying after a while. Apparently you’re a full on weirdo for being conscious of the bullshit you’re piling into your body.


it’s only a month!

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Bloody love people commenting on other people’s diets.

And by love, I mean hate.

Fucking cunts.



Yeah then, let’s give it a whirl, why ever not.

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I had one guy buy cream cakes for his birthday and place them all on the desk next to me to try to tempt me. He also then sent out an email saying ‘and for those of you on stupid diets, you can have what I bought or nothing at all’.

I don’t see how my diet can affect anyone at my work yet every day people take the piss out of me. I keep to myself at lunch and don’t comment on anyone elses lunches yet I get it all the fucking time. I can’t stand working there at the moment.

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Fucking hell, that’s awful.

The only comments made about other people’s food should be “that looks nice” (or similar).

Sounds like you’re doing really well with the vegan diet as well so fuck knows why people think they’ve got any right to comment on it.

Are crumpets vegan?
Butter isn’t vegan is it?
What about marmite?
Squash and feta pie (shortcrust pastry)?
Bacon flavour wheat crunchies?
Peanut m&m’s?
Apple sandwiches?

Full set of approval on this and I might be able to make it through a month

The man in question is quite large, gets a cab to and from the station every single day and has bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast each day.
I just sat back, enjoyed my apple and laughed at the ridiculousness of him judging my lifestyle choices!

I can’t really see me going back to a “normal” diet any time soon tbh. I’ve had a week off this week and I feel so rotten. And I haven’t even eaten meat. I’ve just had a few bits of a chocolate and a bit of cream cheese. The vegan diet gives me so much more energy every day.

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chips, toast, fruit, dark chocolate, pasta and veg dishes.
nowt else needed

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Crumpets are vegan
Butter isn’t but I use a sunflower spread which is ok when you have something like marmite on it
Marmite is
Squash is, feta isn’t, some shop bough pastry is vegan
Not sure about the wheat crunchies but they have no animal fat in but may have something baconny?
Peanut M&Ms are not
apple sandwiches are finne

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By butter I mean like Utterly Butterly or whatever the co-op variant is, oh and what about these? As I have about four bajillion to eat

I went to a wedding weekend that was in a remote country house - all meals from the Friday night to Sunday lunchtime were catered for. It just so happened that the owners were vegan (the bride and groom weren’t) and all meals were veggie and used vegan replacements where possible. I’m not veggie, but I enjoyed the food and thought it was a nice change, and was very much aware that the bride and groom were paying for everyone. Despite that, there were some ‘meat and potatoes’ idiots who moaned and whined through the entire weekend about how there was no meat. I wanted to throttle them and it almost turned me.

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Crumpets, spread and marmite for brekkers

Apple sarnie for lunchiemunchie

Idk about dinner now though.

Urgh! Like it’s going to kill them to go without a bit of meat!

Sounds ace though.

In theory I’d like to do a vegan month sometime in the future, but not sure how feasible it is if you’re already a picky eater (esp with vegetables/salady stuff). Would basically just end up living off vegan curries or pasta dishes. I’ve never even done a week without meat so should probably have a go at that first, I guess.

Try doing meat free monday for a little while and see how you get on.

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nah i’m not getting involved with something with that clunky a name.

I think this is my barrier to entry tbh. So many days I just gorge on whatever we have in, or if I’m doing a shift at the pub, whatever tasty pie we have on. Regulate so much else of my life with cycling, training, drinking, hydration, recovery, protein, etc that it seems such a massive fucking faff when I could just grab a milkshake and a hotdog on the fly

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