Anyone doing it? I’m tempted, but my bday is in jan :thinking:






Not going full vegan, but cutting out the dairy (as well as staying vegetarian).

Currently gourging on deep fried halloumi…




Gunna do vegetarian january I Think


Yep. Did it a couple of years ago and ended up sticking to it for a year. But yeah, basically I want to lose weight.


Could do this, but fried eggs are my life

  • Yeh
  • Nah

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fuck man, whats gonna happen to SBP?


tofu scramble :+1:


Nah,veganism is literally the most 2017 thing ever!


Veganism is for absolute legends, you should all try it


Two questions:

Where can you get seitan that’s not outrageously expensive?

Any decent fully vegan cookbooks?


Going back to being full veggie at least. Wanna try and be 50% vegan at least though. Just love eggs and cheese so much :frowning:


Are you gonna get a new schtick in 2k18?


Keep It Vegan by Aine Carlin is a decent cookbook.


Thug kitchen ones, good recipes if you ignore shtick. Probably a couple more posted in the vegan thread.


Make it yourself


Is meat a birthday tradition?