I have a HUGE vegan cookbook but not made anything from it tbh. I also got the Keep It Vegan cookbook but didn’t make anything from that.

I rely heavily for online recipes at



Gluten flour is pretty expensive too

Yep, me and mr ssh are doing it. That and dry January. We’re basically going to be quite boring next month!

I’m looking forward to it. We eat veggie a lot of the time and I think this will be ok.

Yeah actually think I will. But I’ve got a bunch of Christmas cheese to get through first. Might not be from Jan 1st, and so perhaps it doesn’t count.

Gonna say ‘nah’ just so you can really feel my disinterest. Simply not opening the thread or replying with anything else wouldn’t get across my disdain for the idiots who do this bullshit each year. Obviously.

(will probably give it a go, tbh)

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Just do this, dry January and no spenduary to make “No Funuary for Eric”

For your birthday you can splash out with a whole raw turnip shaped like a thingie while sitting on a spike?

(You should do it and make me feel guilty tbh)

Did it in 2015 having dabbled a couple of times and been vegetarian since I was 14 and never looked back.

If you’re apprehensive about trying it / getting through the month -

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up / accidentally eat something you didn’t mean to (in a restaurant or hidden additives etc) it happens to everyone ALL THE TIME

  • Get a decent cookbook that doesn’t rely on wellness nutribollocks (Deliciously Ella can fuck right off and all the food in her book is rubbish). Isa Does It by Isa Moskowitz is great and has a range of simple to fancy recipes that don’t rely on weird ingredients. I’ve made half of them and haven’t had a duff one yet - there’s some recipes on to get an idea for what she does. The newest River Cottage Veg book is really good too.

  • Oreos

  • Vegan Supermarket Finds UK and Accidentally Vegan UK are good Facebook groups, the rest are only good if you want to be berated for eating something with palm oil in it

  • Also most own brand bourbons

  • If you’re going out Wagamama, Zizzi, Pizza Express, Nando’s, Yo Sushi, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Wahaca all have great options and don’t make you feel like a fussy prick for asking for a vegan menu or to omit the cheese on anything. Pizza Hut have a vegan pizza now but you’re better than that, it’s shit.

  • With the exception of Mozerisella on pizza or a slice of Violife cheddar in a burger, don’t bother with vegan cheese, it’s mostly shit - especially if you really like dairy cheese

What are everyone else’s top tips?

If anyone is doing Veganuary and is struggling or wants some support or advice feel free to PM me or post in this thread. I’m sure @meowington and @Konichiwa_Bitches would be happy to offer the same?


Get off my case, theo!


100% up for giving help, tips, advice etc.

And what you’ve posted is spot on!


I am too lazy, but I do try to keep a balanced diet anyway. Probably just the way it works out means 1/3 meals have meat. 1/3 veggie and 1/3 are vegan.

I have a very limited diet and basically have to eat meat, otherwise i would definitely be interested in giving this a go one year. Good luck to anyone who tries it!

just made these ottolenghi peanut and sweet potato fritters. it was more like fried soup, than fritters. needs, I don’t know- ten? times the amount of flour he says. absolute state of it. quite tasty though

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Need to make something delicious to take around to a friend’s bring-a-dish before we head out. Any veggie/vegan recommendations?

I’m doing veguary. Most of my family are vegetarian and don’t eat meat at home too often.

Decided to have a full on meat-athon before the clock strikes twelve. Dirty chicken followed by steak for dinner.

If you’re doing it, how is day one going?

I’ve started a food only Instagram if anyone wants to look at low quality / heavily filtered (the light in my kitchen is horrible) pictures of what I’m making / eating. @in_league_with_seitan

I wasn’t very prepared and hate food waste more than veganism so today I had to finish a jar of cream and some peanut butter, so tomorrow it’s all go.

Yeah I’m gonna give this a shot

I mean obviously I’m not really, but if it lets me put ‘veggie’ at the start of everything I eat and imply a sense of superiority, that’s the main thing right.