Vegas Mass Shooting



How many times does this sort of thing have to happen before things change??


If sandy hook couldnt change minds, im not sure what can


it’ll never change. think that was made clear when they decided that a bunch of six year olds getting shot was fine.


There have been 278 mass shootings (more than four people shot) in the US this year. We are 278 days into 2017.


Good to see this sort of thing starting to happen, to better cut down on misinformation, fake news etc.
Fast work too.


And the amount of people who are really invested in “proving” that it was all fake is pretty horrifying. I read a horrible article about one of the dads of the children who was killed getting harrassed by conspiracy theorists that he was a paid actor etc.


I think I posted a near identical fact almost a year ago about 2016. It’s staggering that nothing ever changes.


Looking forward to realDonaldTrump’s hot take on this :thinking:


That is an absolutely terrifying statistic.


But those were just kids. These were country music fans.


Fucking horrific but depressingly nothing will ever change.


What the actual fuck!? That is beyond mental!


crazy how quick they were to confirm this one as ‘lone wolf’


What is the reasoning behind the whole conspiracy/hoax thing around this? I’ve never really understood how or why this could even be a thing.


alex jones and that lot innit

pricks of the highest order


“they want to take our guns so they staged this whole thing” kinda deal i think


hoax to try and build pressure on the government to tighten up America’s current gun laws


we need to coordinate our replies a bit better, japes.




we really need to start coordinating our posts better